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Russian and American Communicative Behavior

   The book presents the results of contrastive studies of Russian and American communicative behavior.
   It is based on the results of the studies within the joint project of two TESOL sister affiliates – the Voronezh chapter of NATE Russia (National Association of Teachers of English in Russia) and NYS (New York State) TESOL on comparative studies of Russian and American communicative behavior for teaching purposes (1998 – 2001).
   Special attention has been paid to the relevant differences of two communicative cultures and methods of their description.
   Detailed description of American communicative behavior in the main communicative spheres and standard communicative situations can be found in two Russian editions: “An Essay on American Communicative Behavior” and “American Communicative Behavior”, both published in Voronezh in 2001.
   The book is intended for Russian teachers of English, American
teachers of EFL to Russian speakers, teachers of Russian as a foreign language to Americans and all those, who are interested in the problem of intercultural communication.

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